Veis builds a phenomenon-level DeFi ecosystem,reshaping the value financial system

After experiencing the era of programmable currency and programmable finance, blockchain technology has now entered the era of programmable society. With DeFi as the representative, beyond the financial field, the scope of application has expanded to the entire society, and blockchain technology may become a “ “Internet of Everything” is a bottom-level agreement that improves the efficiency of the entire social system.

At present, compared with traditional finance, the volume of decentralized finance is extremely small, and its development space is huge. Decentralized finance will certify all assets and form a globalized development financial system. In the system, all operations are centered by open source smart contracts and codes. There is no black box, no privacy information, no review and entry barriers, and everyone can conduct fair transactions at any time and space.

Veis open financial system

From the tone of traditional financial advantages, Veis designs an applicable decentralized financial system, shapes the next-generation financial system, and provides global users with a decentralized financial system with good experience and high security. It will provide a variety of tools to connect traditional finance, build a bridge between decentralized finance and traditional centralized finance, and integrate with current mainstream public chains (such as Ethereum, Polkadot, etc.), so that users can access different blockchain systems which can call Veis’s protocol to realize DeFi function applications, and fully serve users who use the Veis financial system.

Veis powerful design architecture

(1) Multi-use scenario expansion

Veis cross-chain link Polkadot cross-chain protocol, specifically to solve the further development of DeFi. The problem that blockchains cannot be connected to each other is achieved through cross-chain as a bridge to achieve interconnection and intercommunication, connecting the blockchains into a complete interconnected network. The realization of cross-chain will solve many problems encountered in the development of blockchain, especially the large-scale multi-scenario expansion application problem.

(2) Multi-product portfolio model

In the Veis system, the assets on the chain will be tokenized. Tokens will be able to flow freely in different public chains and trading platforms. The tokenization of assets will also bring many benefits to asset holders. Asset liquidity It is stronger, the financing cost is reduced, and there is no need to bear the cost of a third-party evaluation agency, and the redemption and sale of assets will become more convenient.

(3) Trend of multi-collateralized assets

Cross-chain compatibility allows integration with different blockchains through smart contract technology, which is one of the main competitive advantages of the Veis platform, because it enables users to provide more types of encrypted assets for asset collateral (instead of such as Ethereum Only one cryptocurrency).

VS and VDAO community governance

Veis is not only a highly cohesive DeFi ecosystem, but also a decentralized community autonomy. It is a community where various cultural concepts and multiple phenomenal application development technologies of this era gather through the trending Internet of Value. The system establishes order, and the value of this ecosystem is empowered by consensus groups.

The Veis community platform certificate is VS. VS is the core of the entire ecosystem and will serve as an ecological reward to motivate participants. At the same time, the benefits of the Veis platform will continue to be injected into the value of VS. In the Veis community, VS token holders can decentralize the Veis community through the process of proposal, voting, execution, etc., and make contributions to the platform while obtaining corresponding returns. VS has the following economic value:

1. Appreciation effect: VS has an appreciation effect, and the profits of the Veis system will automatically flow into VS through smart contracts.

2. Governance voting rights: VS has the right to govern the community, and pass holders can propose and vote for changes and upgrades to the ecosystem.

3. Handling fee: VS will be used as a handling fee in the ecological DAPP, and this part of the income will also flow into the VS token ecology.

4. Access right: When building an ecological project on Veis, VS is required as a bottom warehouse or cooperation fee. When participating in some ecological projects, only a certain amount of VS can participate.

5. Redemption service: VS will be able to redeem all the services and commodities in all Veis ecology in the later stage, and the price will be automatically calculated.

The Veis financial ecosystem is established and operated under the support of Veis DAO (VDAO for short). VDAO members come from all over the world, technical personnel come from early Internet companies such as Google and Microsoft, and other personnel are located in any corner of the world (early blockchain evangelism) Enthusiasts, blockchain enthusiasts, etc.), we will all continue to contribute our strength to the Veis financial ecosystem and strive unremittingly to achieve our common goals.

The world’s first complete decentralized financial ecosystem.