1. Based on the new generation of smart contract DAPP developed on the Ethereum public chain.

2. The code is open source, fair, just and open, without any managers or privileges.

3. Really international projects, developers come from Europe, Silicon Valley and other places.

4. No pre-mining, no capital precipitation…

Veis will take the promotion of financial decentralization as its mission and insist on the realization of inclusive finance.

Veis will build the world’s first complete decentralized financial ecosystem, integrating decentralized financial services such as DEX, lending, oracles, asset management, derivatives, and insurance. It will be combined with the current mainstream public chains (such as Ethereum, Polkadot, etc), so that users can call Veis protocols on different blockchain systems to implement DeFi function applications, and provide a full range of services for users using the Veis financial system.

If you have any questions , please join in Telegram(https://t.me/veisfinance)


The world’s first complete decentralized financial ecosystem.

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